photo of napoleans house
photo of canon from colonial st. helena
photo of cacti, just some of st.helenas diverse flora
dramtic scenic shot of st.helena hillside near jamestown
a view into jamestown on st.helena

A Doctors Thoughts on St. Helena
   - a series of medical anecdotes as published in the St. Helena News

St. Helena is a rugged island in the South Atlantic of just forty-eight square miles and has a population of five and a half thousand people.  It is so remote that only the most intrepid traveller gets to see it, although life may be changing now as the new runway has recently been completed.

During my time living on St. Helena as one of the Island's three doctors, we came across many everyday situations that were interesting and challenging in the context of the sheer remoteness of the place.

Don't buy this book if you want to know about the history and flora and fauna of the island or what it is like to live there - that is all well described elsewhere. Travel journalist Ted Botha, writing in the Weekend Telegraph on 3 July 1993, accurately described the book which he had purchased on the ship RMS St Helena en route to the island:

"Dr Wooltorton's book is unique, anomalous and quaint, much like the island it is depicting."

His description is good enough for me, the author. The book was born out of an enthusiasm for the island fired by two unforgettable years of my life. The one hundred colour pictures give a real impression of the islands look and character, and the medical articles seem also to attract the interest of those who read them!

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