A Doctors Thoughts on St. Helena
   - a series of medical anecdotes as published in the St. Helena News

While working there I was asked to publish a series of medical articles in the St. Helena News, the local newspaper, illustrating the type of work that was done,  and some of the more interesting and humorous situations that happened. 

It is a selection of these that I have compiled into this book to give a unique look at life on such a remote  Island, and how an everyday situation for us in a broader and larger society can take on quite a different meaning there.

The pictures are unrelated to the medical articles, and give a literal snapshot of Island lives and scenes at the time.   

My enthusiasm for the island resulted in this book being printed in 1988, on my return from St Helena. 

"A Doctors Thoughts on St. Helena"
by Dr.S.J.Wooltorton
ISBN 0 9511782 2 9

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